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If you're reading this, you love reading. 

+ You're my favorite kind of person.

Brand Bae Publishing was born out of my love of great books, literacy and a lifelong dream of becoming an author.  Once I figured out the process of the self-publishing world, I was ready to help others navigate how to release their books as well. 

I Would Love Your Support as a New Author!

I’m so excited to release the first of 4 workbooks for little learners. This is something that’s been on my heart for years. This is the first round of many ☺️.  Guess who is officially an author?!  I would love your support and reviews!  My goal is to boost my Amazon visibility to reach as many kids as possible. As a homeschooling mother, literacy and representation is very important to me.  


If you have special children in your life, are a parent or a teacher, PLEASE support.  💕. I can’t wait to hear your reviews!  A link to my author’s page is below. Proceeds support the Pollard Homeschool!   All titles are under $10!


Selfies will be entered for a chance to win the next book & gift one to a friend ☺️. Please forward to teachers and parents that you know. Love y’all!!!!

Other books published by Lya


Author: Chef Tiffani Janelle

Luxury Hardbound Brunch Compendium

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